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We would like thank everyone who participated in International Dawn Chorus Day this year, and a say a special thank you for all those who sent us information about the birds they heard in those early hours of the morning. We have now correlated all this data and are able to give a breakdown of the different bird species heard during the dawn chorus.

As we are based in the UK, we will focus on data we received for the 14 celebrations which took place in the UK. However we received data for 2 celebrations held in the US, which we will mention briefly later on in this summary.

In all 147 different species of bird were identified during the dawn chorus. The most popular bird heard during the morning was the Blue Tit, present in 12 of the UK locations we were able to gather data.

In the UK, on average, 24 different species of bird were identified at each celebration.

However the location which listed the most birds was Dove Brook Greenway in Hampshire, UK, where 40 different kinds of bird species were identified by their song.

In Birmingham and the Black Country region of the UK, bird lovers in Aston Wood heard the most birds and were able to identify 37 different species.

However no single bird species was spotted in all 14 UK locations we analysed to correlate data.

However surprisingly, there were two bird species spotted on both sides of the Atlantic. The Raven was spotted in Glasgow in Scotland, Devon in England and California in the USA. Meanwhile the Sparrowhawk was spotted in Birmingham and London in England as well as California in the USA.

Finally, despite being given red or amber status by The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), a few endangered species were identified during the dawn chorus this year.

The Red Status, Yellowhammer was spotted at a dawn chorus celebration in Texas USA. 
The Red Status, Dunlin was spotted at a dawn chorus celebration in Somerset, UK.
The Red Status, Nightjar was spotted at a dawn chorus celebration in Hampshire, UK.
The Amber Status, Barn Owl was spotted at a dawn chorus celebration in Suffolk, UK.
The Amber Status, Shelduck was spotted at a dawn chorus celebration in London, UK.

Top 10 birds identified in the UK during International Dawn Chorus Day 2013:

Blue Tit
Great Tit

Written by IDCD